Thursday, 6 February 2014

Hell No To Gayism

Africa is one unique continent whose rich culture can be adjudged the most original in the world. The African culture incorporates the people's social, religious and moral conceptions. Not minding the variant religious practices obtainable in Africa, there are certain beliefs and values that are generally accepted. Take for instance, human conception. The Africans recognize sexual intercourse between a man and a woman as the prerequisite for conception, but in the west, the Artificial Insemination method has the day; that is their own way of life but which is alien to the African culture.
Homosexuality, Lesbianism, Incest, Bestiality, Orgies are condemned heavily in Africa. These whites have said that it is the fundamental right of a person to associate with others as he chooses so far as it does not pose any threat to the environment and my African brothers acquiesced. One day, the same whites will tell us to lie with our dogs, cocks and cats because animals have rights too and we shall thank him profusely for enlightening us.
I have heard arguments like gayism has enough social rejection already, why make its punishment legal? My  response is, rapists, cultists, drug peddlers, and terrorists have enough social rejection already, why imprison them? Others claim they need rehabilitation as it is more psychological than physical, but the jinx here is, if such alibi is allowed, rapists, druggists, cultists, hired assassins will also request for rehabilitation homes instead of prisons, since theirs is not in any way less psychological compared to homosexuality. I can only wonder how the country would be like with all those hardened criminals let on the loose.
I expect some dissenting views but I do not give a budge. This is Africa and if allowing a man to sleep with his fellow man is letting citizens enjoy their rights, I'd rather we revert to the Hobbesian State of Nature where there is no Rule Of Law and life is short, poor, nasty and brutish than accept this barbarous, accursed, unspeakable and despicable culture.
                     Okoye Precious Onyeka


  1. Hell No To Gayism. Good post dear.

  2. ...
    Just don't kill them
    at least they can still get born again in prison.
    but I think next year they would start stoning adulterers an adulteresses.

  3. Thank you David.
    Tessa, we are just saying we don't want it here, in Africa.

  4. I like this writing. I will read more of your blog.