Monday, 24 March 2014

kolors of Africa


 Here comes the god's messanger Thunder! The fiery bolt of Amadioha 
Zig-zagged lines across the sky 
Whitish lines that show no light 
 The rain in bucketfuls descend 
The red mud wall is warm today Mother's side eye looks at me 
Else i would have gone to play 
 Still and crouched we munched the cob Every teeth in motion set I
n the half-moon our thoughts were set When shall the locusts visit? 
 When its dawn, we rise with the sun Everyone to the good wet soil 
Pruning and planting, we work all day Evening sets, we turn our backs 
 Father is the god at home 
None escapes his mighty wrist 
Every night before i sleep 
Father's palm must kiss a cheek 
 We were plenty, many children 
All i knew they were my siblings 
Different mothers, still one Father
 This, to me, was all that mattered
 Oh Africa! Goddess of peace 
Colourful land of thick black skins 
I could give me all and more 
If we will be she to the core! 

Okoye Precious Onyeka 


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