Thursday, 24 April 2014

A Slave's Song

You call me a monkey and spit on my face
You teach your littles to call me ugly
You shout and rave and shove and push
But still, White Lady, I know who I am

You tell your whities "the negroe is dirty"
You ask me to cook then laugh me to scorn
You give me your dirties to wash and to dry
But still, White Lady, I am who I am

This skin you call ugly, White lady
In the Sudan, maidens jitter at the sight
This round face you call a monkey's
Nsongo looked into it and gave me her soul

This back you have kissed with long deep sours
It bore bags of palm fruit from the farmland and back
And when little droplets crease its face
Young maidens do not hold it, they
Come swooning like horny Queen bees

These hands you call lazy, weak and frail
These same hands, they tilled the community soil
These legs you say are too hairy and black
These same legs, White Lady, won me some battles

You call me a monkey and spit on me
But still, White lady, I Know who I am.


  1. Nice blog, extremely informative. Portraying Africa and the world as it is.

  2. Really touching... I didn't experience it and I certainly, am sure I wouldn't have loved it... Nice one Preshy!

  3. Chinedu, a fellow @arms24 April 2014 at 13:01

    Presiouc Onyeka Okoye, I'm always trilled @ur write-ups. Another wonderful piece! Kudos!