Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Prospects of Traditional Medicine

I learnt something from a friend today, she said that if a wrapped cloth is placed on a pregnant woman's head, it'll forestall delivery till it is removed. Also, that if a little child is hiccuping and a thread or rope is tied round his head, it'd stop the hiccups immediately. I have witnessed one myself, the Urine therapy. If a little child that is convulsing drinks the urine of his real mother, the convulsion will cease. I don't know if i should call these superstitions or magic because they have worked for many people. If it is effective and the art can be learnt, even passed on to generations, then it is no magic but science because it can be replicated to achieve same results. To be on the safe side, though, i call it Traditional Science.
  This traditional science has proven to be very effective, sometimes even more than Orthodox medicine. The use of herbs has cured many of the so called intractable diseases that defied Orthodoxy. Take, for instance, "Mouringa". Mouringa is a medicinal plant that cures all manner of illnesses ranging from the mildest headache to the most stubborn fibroid which a heap of drugs would've worsened. Today, i read a paper that had an advertisement by a guy recently graduated from the department of Plant Science and Biotechnology, UNN who discovered a potent herb that could turn Hiv positive to negative and he proudly doled out the phone numbers of his previous clients that received the miracle cure. If his claim is valid it means that traditional medicine has done what orthodox medicine could not do. Where does this leave us? We suffer lesser risk of adverse effects like cancer because the medicine is natural and natural things dont hurt or do they? They are cheaper too. So what do you think? Is this not the manna we have been waiting for? Shouldnt unemployed graduates veer towards the traditional health sector? Who said old native doctors should do all the job? What do you think?

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