Thursday, 24 April 2014

To the African Woman

An English Professor once said that writing is a special art, it is not something that can be learnt in school because it is a natural gift. He averred that it is the "Muse", the literary god  that chooses who to possess and not the other way round. He concluded by saying that every work is precious no matter how mundane it might look because it is not the writer who chooses the words, it is the god who dictates.

If this is so, then Ngozi Adichie must be completely possessed by the Muse. I admire her wonderful talents and the fact that she inspires me to pick my pen whenever I read her work, she is great.
Ngozi Adichie is a literary aficionado, the Hercules of the literary world, a woman of great talents, an African woman indeed.
I particularly admire the names she gives her characters, "ifemelu, kambili..." It makes me proud being an African.
Africa is so blessed.
I pray more talents be discovered and appreciated in our land, Amen!

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