Friday, 6 June 2014


A Poem by Mendhie E. Imeh

Tis impossible for man to fly
Only witches have such power to fly

People thought so
People believed so

Soon came a day when the whole story changed
And man now flies far beyond his world.

Engineers are wizards
Some people still think.

All hail the engineers!

When would I see my son again?
Old women used to think again and again
Their sons have gone beyond the shore
To make ends meet and the future sure.
Time flew swiftly
And change drove in gently
The wizards came up with brand new toys.
That changed the world and caused lots of joy.
Hallo, hallo, can you hear me?
Hallo, hallo, can you hear me?
Hallo, hallo, I can hear you.
Hallo, hallo, I can see you.
Whoever did this, must be a great wizard
This very thought still runs through their minds.
All hail the engineers!

"Our goddess forbids building any bridges"
The villagers used to say

She destroys the bridge whenever she sees
With waves powerful as that of the sea

The people prayed for change to come
And God sent engineers to their home.
Soon arrived the great wizards 
Who captured their goddess like a lizard.
The entire village sang and rejoiced
For their demon has been destroyed

Finally, a lasting bridge has now been built.
Let’s praise the wizards for what they have built.
All hail the engineers!

Soups are not cooked inside the house
The fire blackens the walls and heats up the house
Great meals are prepared out in the open
With big, yellow flames burning like in the oven
Caring wives and mothers used to think so
And they taught their daughters to even believe so

Soon came a day when the whole story changed
The engineers’ new toy brought about the change
The new cooking toy had just blue flames
With just no smoky yellow flames
This isn’t possible except it’s magic
The women of old thought at first
But the wizard’s sorcery makes better soups.
The entire world now loves this magic
Yes, it must be magic
But a good magic
All hail the engineers.


  1. This made my day!!! Proudly an engin... uhmm wizard!!!

  2. Cooooool! I went, I saw and I'm glad. I've always loved an engineer.