Friday, 13 June 2014

Udu mmiri

Udu mmiri has come with the biting cold
Each silvery white drop danced gracefully
With Hopes of holding hands, kissing in the rain
And writing love poems on his beard

The rains in heavy thuds descend
Like the woodcutter's saw "doom doom dooom"
Even with a face like Maria's
Mr nyongo still did not want her

Why he wanted the petite ngobisu
She could not tell
Why,with the girls flat behind?
He rebuffed her rounded bottom

Udu mmiri had come-with its red slimy friend
The worrisome clay, always kissing the foot
If only the clay was Nyongo the man
She'd blaster the mud with a thousand wet kisses

Udu mmiri was very much the caring mother
That sat all night long over an ogbanje child
For when she could no more keep back the tears
Udu mmiri in solidarity, a fiery storm!

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  1. Cool and articulate, with indebt meaning