Wednesday, 9 July 2014

The Suicidist

The yellow world swimmed before his eyes
A life shrinkeled to a thin film
His heart grieved at the very thought
His mind so dark,no! not a beam

His thoughts raced into the dim past
A world so cruel, a life ill spent
Many bad memories came flooding
Even Maria could not stop him

A thin little rope 'd do the magic
He'd swing on top like a feeble fig
His tongue jutting out would wave goodbye

A life in oblivion seemed much better
The cruelties of life did leave him so bitter

Shouldst I tie the rope and end it all?
Or sit at home and bite my lips
Should I swing on top and end my life?
On and on, his thoughts did race

The thin little rope did the magic
His tongue jutting out, he waved goodbye!!!

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