Thursday, 7 August 2014


Like an unseen vapor races to the clouds
So went you, when you took a bow
Like the raindrops fade away
So did you in that box you lay

Have you gone? Or shall you return?
Shall, we together face the dawn?
Will you, maybe, turn your face?
From that glorious, whitish daze?

Is it true you no more live?
And your smile shall no more be?
Is this how you chose to leave?
Silently on New Years Eve?

How will I now not think of you?
When all I miss is all you do
How will I still smile again
When you left me in this den?

You have gone but still you live
In your words and in your deeds
The elephant dies but his tusks remain
Yours is unbreakable, daring all men

How I miss you, oh friend of life!
I hope we meet in timeless time
Where you'd n'er leave so quick
But maybe till then, the days I tick!

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