Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Hello Society!

Virginity! "Ngozi this one you start to wear short skirts outside, I hope say you never  let all those small boys touch you o, because if you lose your virginity your bride price Don reduce o. Oya open your legs meh i check am!" before Ngozi could let out any form of protest, her legs were yanked open, panties drawn down as her mother peered closely searching for the thin red flesh.  Welcome to the woman's World! In the days of yore, a woman's worth weighed proportionately to the "intactness " of her hymen. If there was no blood on her first night, then she was a slut, she had slept with all the men in the neighborhood, she would make an unfaithful wife,she had no morals. If her hymen was somehow intact and she bled, then she is the perfect wife. And where did the men stand in all these? A man who had deflowered 5 maidens will squeeze his face upon discovering that his sweet wife has been deflowered by another man. Talk about fairness!  Women overtime have been victims of societal precepts, still are! You're 30 and unmarried, then you have a spiritual problem ; 2 years into your marriage without a child and people start bullying the woman ;your husband dies and the wife must go through double pain; you become successful and live a grandiose life, they say you're too bossy and arrogant? Talk about fairness again!   It is my hole, not yours! A woman's body should not be the subject of societal scrutiny, virginity is not the same as purity or morals or even chastity. The concept is even misrepresented ;a lesbian who hasn't had any sexual relationship with a man is a virgin, of course! A lady who has kissed,smooched,had oral sex and all, is undoubtedly a virgin! Hello society!!!  Virginity, in its original form is noble and should be promoted for BOTH sexes; it shouldn't be used as a parameter for judging goodness; Bottomline, women should be given a breathing space abeg, guys please let us rest; if you're looking for the pink flower in your future spouse, pls recover all the pink flowers you lost in the past; thank you! 

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